NOT AND OR (2014, 18 mins, silent)

NOT AND OR involves black and white quadrilaterals spinning in virtual space alternating with the same static shapes re-filmed from a screen in ‘real’ space. The second half of the piece is the same as the first, but flipped, reversed and re-filmed through successive generations. Two types of screen/surface are implied: one has discrete, delimited boundaries; the other suggests ‘off-screen’ space. Early on there are cues regarding the different material, including tonal variation in the filmed footage that contrasts with the consistent black and white of the straight graphics. Subsequently, the structure of the piece means that the distinction is blurred, as colour fringes and irregular edges develop. The viewer is left questioning what kind of surface or screen they are looking at, or through, and how they might perceive or read it. Correspondingly, the title of the video is spelt out in sections, alternating between straight graphic lettering and re-filmed typography.